Is your Direct Sales Business on track to do big things this year?

If the answer is no, and you have the intent to rock it in 2014, then it might be time for a  RE-LAUNCH!


If you had a new recruit who told you they wanted to build a real business and was totally committed to their success, what would you tell them to do in the next 6 weeks?

Here is what I would tell my people:

1) Send out a snail mail postcard AND an email to everyone you know that you are excited to start a new business venture and would love their support. If what you do isn't their cup of tea, could they please forward your name on to anyone they think would be interested


2) Hold an Open House. A free event in which you share your products, give incentives for orders, hostesses and recruits


3) Book one event each week for 6 weeks with a real live hostess. Call in every favor you have and get it one the books


4) Host a free class in your home, library, etc every other week to get your products in as many hands as you can as quickly as you can


5) During the first 6 weeks take every penny you earn and put it into incentives to book events with new people. Free stamp set, make up, purse cover, etc


And this is what I need you to do TODAY to Re-Launch your business with energy, vision, and excitement.

Commit to your own success, only good things will come to those who live BIG with Passion!


Make Money

Have Fun

Change your litle corner of the World


xo, lisa