I love the week between Christmas and New Year. After 14 years in direct sales I know this week is typically quiet and so I use it to get myself organized and ready for the New Year.

Sometime I need a physical get ready, but more often than not I need a mental get ready.

If you use the first week of January to get ready it can feel like you are behind the 8 ball from the very beginning. So use this down time wisely to re-evaluate and get yourself pointed in the right direction.

One of my favorite quotes inspires me in this:

"Don't be so busy climbing the ladder only to get to the top and realize you had it leaning against the wrong wall"


Rethink Your Calendar


The beginning of a new year is an excellent time to analyze how you are spending your time and if it is really working for you.

Do you love all the things on your calendar?

Are some of them there because they have always been there?

Are some of them there because other people think you should do them?

Own YOUR calendar and let other people own their calendar


Clean Out the Clutter

I visualize the beginning of a new year like opening a brand new notebook. Fresh start….and it makes me think I don't want to clutter it up with those things not worthy of this pristine place.

For some this might mean cleaning out your physical workspace. Even I like the feeling of everything in it's place.

For some it might be tossing ideas and expectations that just don't work and we don't want to carry into the new year.

And for others it might be reevaluating the people we have kept around even though they don't really support our goals and longings.


Set Your Intentions

Notice I said intentions and not goals….

Why make the distinction?

Intentions are small actionable steps that lead to big results.

Goals are the good things we want to happen that will only occur by doing the work daily.

So clean up, clear out, and check back tomorrow on setting intentions that will make your 2014 AMAZING!


Make Money

Have Fun

Change Your little Corner of the World!


xo, lisa