We have all been there.

We had cute projects, we were organized, people stamped and had fun.

When it comes time to order we hear those frightening words, "I am just so overwhelmed, can I just take a catalog home?"

Not good.


One of the things I have always told my downline is that creating a good shopping experience needs just as much attention as creating a good stamping experience.

We would never just give our stampers cardstock, inks and paper and just let them loose. The thought of that just makes us break out into a cold sweat, right?

We give them a sample, we guide them, we help them.

We know that creates a successful stamping experience, so let's apply some of that knowlwedge to creating a successful shopping experience.

* Create a list of the items used in each project

 Name, page number, price.

So when they say, "oh, I really liked that blue color we used on the birthday card" , You can say, "It is right there on your list, just circle it and I will put it on your order. Everything we used on that card is listed under Pink Flower Card"

* Create a  Basics Kit

snail, paper snips, dimensionals, envelopes, etc.

By creating a kit of basics it is a good reminder of what every stamper needs to be successful. I would reference it this way, "One of my goals is to be sure that when your goodies come in you have everything you need. So check the basics kit and make sure you have everything on there. I will feel terrible if you don' t have what you need to make your cards and projects"

* Sell "sets" of products

"If you love this melon mambo ink pad, I like to get all my colors in sets. So I order the melon mambo pad, reinker, marker and cardstock. So think about what sets of color you would like to add to your stamping supplies"


these 3 tips, when sprinkled thru out your workshops or events, will help create a good shopping experience for your customers.

but my number one tip is:

"Most people will do what most people do"

"don't you love these markers? Most of my customers like to buy them by color assortment so they have some options"

"I love my alphabets! Most of my scrapbookers purchase an alphabet and set of stamping spots so they can create lots of different looks"

"most of my clients order our envelopes because the quality is just so high"


Remember, most people will do what most people do.

Think about when you go out to a new restaurant, don't we all ask the waiter, "What's good here? What's the favorite?"

Anytime I enter a brand new experience I always ask, "Well, what do most people do?"

There is a comfort in that knowledge, and let's be honest, it just makes it easier.

And sometimes it needs to be easy.


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Make Money

Have Fun

Change Your little Corner of the World!


xo, lisa