There is a huge difference between a goal and an intention. Just listen to how different it sounds.


"My goal is to have 4 parties each month"


"I will call 2 potential hostesses every day"


The first is a hopeful slippery idea. It really has no more value than me saying "my goal is to look 10 years younger".

There is no shape to it, nothing I can sink my teeth into.

With the intention of "I will call 2 potential hostesses every day" , it is concrete.

  • I can put it on my morning to do list every day and check it off.
  • I completely own it. It is a very simple either I did it or I didn't.
  • Is it even possible to own the the outcome of my goal for 4 parties? No way
  • People might say no
  • Someone might cancel
  • I might really want 4 parties each month and work towards it, but there is no way for me to own it. 
  • I can only control my own actions
  • I can make my calls
  • I can work on my systems for keeping track of potential hostesses
  • I can create new ways of finding potential hostesses
  • But I can't control the outcomes of my efforts.

So now that we are focused on intentions and not goals,

what is the #1 intention to create a rockin 2014 in your direct sales business?

"I will develop systems and organize my time to focus on people and not product"

Direct sales is a relationship based business.

You can have the prettiest cards, best projects, but if your #1 priority isn't building relationships you will never build a profitable business.


Stay with us this week to learn how to take small actionable steps to make people your #1 priority in 2014

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xo, lisa