Why You Don't Do Business on Your Personal Facebook Page

We all see it
Your Stampin' friends, your Avon lady, the 31 consultant…..they post events, specials and more about their business to their Personal Facebook Page. 
If everyone is doing it then it must be okay, right?!

Well, no

And here is why:

Facebook allows you to create a page to promote your business. This allows other Facebook users to ‘Like’ your business and receive updates from you without becoming a fully fledged friend. It’s quick and easy to ‘Like’ a business on Facebook. One click of a button and it’s done, no ‘friend requests’ and ‘friend confirmations’ to deal with. It’s immediate.

However, there are still many demonstrators that are using a personal Facebook profile as opposed to, or in addition to, a Facebook business page to promote their business.
This can have its problems.

Here are just 5 of them:

1. You are breaking the rules
You may have set up a personal Facebook profile using the name of your business or your business branding. If you also have another Facebook page for your own personal use, then you are breaking Facebook rules and one or both accounts could be suspended. Section 4 of Facebook’s terms clearly states that you shouldn’t have two separate Facebook accounts and you should never use a personal Facebook profile for commercial gain.

2. Your business won’t be seen
Facebook business pages can be optimised for search engines like Google, but personal Facebook profiles can't. You would like as many potential customers as possible to find you online wouldn’t you? Using a personal page to promote your business is hurting your chance to be found.

3. No-one will ‘Like’ your business
It will be much more difficult to gain ‘friends’ as a business if you’re using a personal Facebook profile because regardless of privacy settings (which confuse are super confusing!), people will be reluctant to share personal information with your business – no matter how much they love your business . A Facebook business page allows people to ‘Like’ your business without any privacy risks because you cannot access their personal information.

4. Your business could run out of Friends
The popular belief is that Facebook will only allow a personal profile a maximum of 5,000 friends. But your Facebook business page can be ‘Liked’ by a limitless number of people. 5000 may sound like a dream right now, but why limit yourself?

5. Your business will be one dimensional
You can only have ONE personal Facebook profile (if you’re obeying the rules) but you can create more than one Facebook business page. So if you have several sub-brands or specialities, you could consider creating a dedicated Facebook business page for those too.


It’s not rocket science. Facebook personal profiles are for people and Facebook business pages are for businesses.
Of course you can still reflect your business in your personal Facebook updates, but it’s simply not designed to enable your business to maximize all the benefits that social media offers today.

FRIENDS HELP FRIENDS: share this with your downline and sidelines to make sure they are in compliance with their Facebook page


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