A lot of Direct Sellers are taking a portion of their business on line.

Makes sense right?


I know I shop on line, learn on line, socialize on line and we need to meet folks where they are in order to be successful. So it makes sense to take some of our business on line.

But I have to be honest, I am constantly amazed at how complicated and hard a lot of demonstrators make their on line business.


Here is what you need:

  • A home base: either a blog or a Demonstrator Based Website
  • And we need to drive traffic to that blog, build a following, etc so we use Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube
  • And to provide full service a newsletter is great


All pretty easy, new and different maybe, but easy.

But then when I start working with demonstrators to help them become more profitable they start listing off a lot of things that cost them money, a lot of money:

  • Vimeo
  • Camtasia
  • GoToMeeting
  • AnyConference
  • Newsletter Writing Services
  • New Cameras, Computers, Recording Devices….


And we also talk about a lot of things that cost them TIME, in fact here is a super telling remark I worked thru with a client last week:

"I'm spending hours every week on a webinar for my downline and only get 5-8 out of 60 to sign up"


My response?

"Honey, stop."


Here is what I think happens:

Demonstrators see/hear/learn that some demos with 100's and thousands of downline are doing some of these things and then think they should too.

But what usually happens is one of two things:

1) they don't have the numbers to make it cost or time effective


2) they didn't find/build our downline on line so they are not apt to jump to an on line relationship with us

and they are wasting our precious time and money by getting way beyond where their business really is. And all of a sudden their business becomes more about technology than its does direct sales.


Direct Sales is about booking, selling, recruiting, training.

Somewhere along the way we convoluted the message and adopted the idea that becoming tech savvy is the way to success.

It's not

We need to stop complicating our Direct Sales Business.

If recruiting is down, I think this is a big reason why.


  • who wants to become a leader is I have to do ALL those things to support my team?
  • who wants to become a demo if I have to learn how to do all those things?
  • it becomes an overwhelming decision to join and build a team when we make it look so hard.


It's not that hard, we have simply chosen to make it more difficult.

We spend more time on the technology than the relationships, the creating, the business.


When we get back to the basics and embrace the simplicity of direct sales we can invest less time and money AND our downline and potential downline can see this as a business where we get to do more of what we love.

Do what you love+Share it with others=Success




Be Inspired*Be Inspiring



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