"I'm so busy"


You hear that all the time right?

And it is funny because as much as we hate hearing it, the voice in our head says, "you think you're busy? I've got ___________ and __________ and ___________, now that is busy!"

I know, because I do it too, and I train on the falseness of busy 🙂

It becomes a competition

It is annoying as heck when it comes from someone else, and we can recognize the excuse in it as soon as we hear it, but we can still get sucked into the "who is busier game".


Let's be super clear: busy is not good

There is no virtue in being busy


But it becomes a great excuse to hide behind because at some point in our society we decided that busy equals important.


You can be as busy as you want, but busy does not mean you are connected, productive, accomplished, happy, significant, invested, honest, faithful, successful, or important.


When I work with direct sellers and we look at the things they want and know they should do in their business to move forward I often hear:

"I'm just too busy to do those things"


I don't have time to write thank you notes

I don't have time to make videos

I don't have time to work with my downline

I don't have time to recruit

I don't have time to learn how to be a better upline


Which is really code for I know I should, but I don't want to: it might be hard, it might not work, it might make me uncomfortable, it's just easier to keep doing what I'm doing even though I know it really doesn't work.


We all have these "I'm too busy" thoughts:

I'm too busy to work out

I'm too busy to eat healthy

I'm too busy to go to Bible Study

I'm too busy to have lunch with a friend

I'm too busy to have a date night with my husband


Listen for that voice

Call it out

Where have you limited yourself, your relationships, your business with the excuse of being too busy?


Be Inspired*Be Inspiring



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