One of the greatest joys of Direct Sales is building a team.

the relationships

the fun

the joy in others' accomplishments


But as one leader said to me recently, "I love my team, except for all the people"

obviously she was kidding but keeping a group of people happy and feeling appreciated can be a huge undertaking


Sometimes things go wrong

Sometimes there are misunderstandings

Sometimes feelings get hurt


and sometimes people are just crabby.


Most leaders I know are very committed to taking good care of their team, providing training and encouragement, celebrating successes, and building a great sense of camaraderie.


But no matter how great of a leader you are there will be people who aren't happy with you:

your event

your incentives

your training

your blog

your emails


and while I think it is important to listen, as leaders we can't let it overwhelm us, bring us down, or take us away from our focus.


My rule of thumb with working with unhappy downline is this:


there will be times we can't fix it

and there will be times we can't make people happy


But we need to always know what we want the end result to be.

Begin with the end in mind


What do you want the result of the conversation to be?

How do you want everyone to feel after the situation has been handled?


As leaders we don't have the luxury of being concerned with being "right".

Our focus needs to be what is best for the team, what is best for the relationship, what will create goodwill, what will forward our business objectives.


Whether your group has 8 people, 80 people or 800+, learning or fine tuning the skills it takes to manage the difficult situations and the difficult people who cross your path is a must of any leader.


I invite you to join us for our Virtual Leadership Immersion Training

October 2, 3, 4

if you can't join us on those days, the training will be available to you for 6 weeks to work thru on your own

We will cover:

  • —  Building Community in person and on line

  • —  Retention thru FUN!

  • —  Hobbyists: the key to stability

  • —  Business Builders: Leaders build leaders

  • —  Conflict Resolution: working with difficult people and
    thru difficult times

  • —  Leading by serving 


You are never too new of a leader to learn these skills, and you have never been around for so long that you know it all

Commit to learning

Commit to leading

Training is $99, you will receive an email from me within 24 hours of sign up with a list of "getting started" items of action to prepare you for our training.