sometimes you get asked to practice what you preach, big time 🙂


This week I had several emails from a demonstrator who had signed up for a stamp day I am co-hosting with several area demos.


In them she gave advice: "I don't think it would be in your best interest…."

Admonished me: "Your response was so terse, not what I expected from a Business Mentor"

And let me know how I had failed her: "I expected an acknowledgement, a welcome, an update"


Obviously she was not pleased with me to say the least.


I looked over our email interactions and noticed some differences.


She wrote paragraphs and then ended each one with a question.

A question that took about 10 words to answer.

As I told her: "I'm sorry if you thought I was being terse, I view it as succinct. With 100's of emails to answer every day I need to be very focused with my time"

And it is true, while many of you know I can talk for days, I am not chatty on email and HATE to talk on the phone. My Get 'Er Done personality takes over.


But it was very clear that no matter why I do what I do, she and I were never going to be a good fit.

And if I try to change the truth of who I am, well, I just don't think I could hold true to being something someone thought I should be for long. So at some point the jig would be up.


That doesn't make her wrong.

And it doesn't make me wrong.


In the end I let her know that I totally understand if she would rather not participate. Neither one of us need to extend an uncomfortable pairing.


In my direct sales buisness training I call this "bless and release"


it is too easy to focus on the negative, the ones who don't appreciate what you have to offer.

Sometimes it is good to review and learn.

But most of the time it is best to move forward.


I am not going to please everyone.

Neither are you.


and that's okay.


Focus on the people who are open and interested in what you have to share and the style in which you deliver.

"Bless and Release" the rest, they will find the people who resonate with them.