as many of you know I am a yoga fan.


I love my yoga classes, my instructors, the clothes (!), the heat, and seeing my friends on their mats.

About a month ago I had some upheaval in my family life and needed some time to step back, self nurture… lay on the couch in my jammies watching Food Network….and I missed a couple yoga classes.


And while I got back to the business of my life after a few indulgent days, I didn't quite get back to yoga.

I signed up for classes and cancelled

I put my yoga clothes on in the morning but never actually drove to the studio


I kept saying tomorrow

I was wishful

I wanted to get back

I knew I needed to get back


Fast forward 4 weeks….

I went for my first yoga class in 4 weeks yesterday.

I was nervous I wouldn't be able to keep up

I was thinking about how sore I would feel the next day.


I even thought about what my classmates would think of me when I couldn't do what I "use to do"


But I went, I made it thru class

And it felt GREAT!!

both physically and emotionally


I had a lot of worry and angst for nothing.


isn't this true about our business?


We spend a lot of time thinking, worrying, stressing….


What if it doesn't work

What if no one shows up

What if no one buys

What will people say

What if I fail


Whether it is doing a craft fair, blogging, posting videos, setting up a downline Facebook group, calling a customer, interacting with a grumpy downline….

we can spend a lot of time and energy making it a big deal.

We don't do what we know is right for our business because of those nagging voices.


I could beat myself up for the 4 weeks I lost of my yoga practice or I can rejoice in the fact that I went back


I choose my actions and I choose how I feel about myself.

Do the hard stuff

Overcome the negative voices. They never really go away but they get quieter with each positive effort.

Hard things copy

Do what you know your business needs.

And rejoice in your effort.


Be Inspired*Be Inspiring



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