at some point everyone struggles in their business.


well and honestly, wouldn't it be great if we only struggled once?


but it is kind of a rinse and repeat in business.


We hit growing pains, or "not growing pains", and we have to figure our way out and forward.


Here is what I typically hear from my clients"

  • "I'm not making as much money as I use to"
  • "My team isn't growing"
  • "I can't find any new customers"
  • "No one wants to sign up anymore"
  • "I can't get  my customers to spend like they use to"


And as we work thru it, I really want my client to get to the point where their statement becomes:

"What I am doing isn't working"


Because regardless of the Direct sales Business you are in there are people

  • making more money
  • growing their team
  • finding new customers
  • adding new team members
  • growing their personal sales


It's not the economy

It's not your company


Ultimately it is you, and what you are doing isn't working.


ouch, right?

But if we rationalize that the problem is "out there" then there is nothing we can do about it and we become a victim.

Victims don't run rockstar businesses. Period.


So we need to lok at what we are doing in our daily business.

What is getting results and what isn't.


If it is getting results can we shine a brighter light on it and really WOW it up?

If it isn't getting results we need to figure out why, and then choose one of 2 paths: fix it or dump it.


Doing stuff that isn't bringing results simply because you think you should be doing those things, or you have always done those things, or other people do those things, will suck the life and energy out of your business…. and ultimately stomp on the joy you once had for your business.


You get to choose everyday what you do in your business and for your business.

so get clear:

  • own it
  • if it's working, make it bigger
  • if it isn't working, fix it or dump it


Exciting, growing businesses change, tweek, shift, try, chance…..but they never play the victim



Be Inspired*Be Inspiring



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