Recently I came across this quotation:

"From working style to just plain who we like to work with, there’s a lot less real competition out there than we think."


Competition and Comparison can be tough ideas to overcome in your Direct Sales business.

this is one of my favorite quotations: 


and it is so true.


We compare our events

We compare our videos

We compare our blogs

We compare our sales

We compare our downlines

We compare our incomes

We compare our accomplishments


We think we are in competition with each other.

When really the only person you can ever be in competition with is yourself.


My kids are all athletes and the one piece of advice I give them is:

The only thing you can control is how hard you work, so go work hard


And I believe it to be true about my health, my wealth, my relationships, my business.

the only thing I have control over is how well and how hard I work, and how true I am to my own calling.


the more energy I put into being the best me I can be, the less time I have to gawk at what everyone else is doing.

Because what they are doing has no effect on my work rate, my honest effort, my pure heart, and the results I get by staying focused on myself.

Your real competition is with yourself:

what you do when you are tired, discouraged, exhausted, frustrated, and want to give in to excuses.


The negative you and the positive you are in constant conflict for your best efforts to shine.

So really, we have enough on our plate just to be true to ourselves.

"Competing" with others just takes the focus off those things we really do control




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