You know how something sounds really great at first but then in hind sight you think to yourself:

"that is not how I thought that was going to work out"


Let me introduce you to the the Stampin'Up! DVR, or Downline Volume Roll Up


for many leaders this sounded GREAT!

As long as I have +1 total number of downline in my group over last year everyone "rolls up" filling any gaps and I get paid for supporting the folks in my group.

It sounds delightful!

Get paid for doing the work I am doing


so last year in September I had 150 in my group, this year September I need to have 151.

so I don't really need to grow, I just need to maintain.

Pretty easy, right?


So why is this just not working out so great?

1) This is not a recruiting issue

The DVR is a retention issue. Yes, your group must recruit, but the greater focus needs to be on keeping folks active


2) This is not a business builder issue

Retention is all about your hobbyists and demonstrators who sell a little bit each month and stay active. How do we keep them engaged?


3) This is not an incentives issue

Retention for the majority of your downline is about community. And that takes work. There aren't enough incentives in the world to make someone feel valued and special.


We need to make being a Stampin'Up! demonstrator the "bomb dot com", they should LOVE being a part of your group so much that they would NEVER think of quitting.


How do you do that?



We are going to spend a significant amount of time talking about Retention and Community building in our Leadership Immersion Training. 

I will help you develop a plan to grow your community, creating retention.


the keys to retention=the keys to making more money. PERIOD.

I invite you to join us for our Virtual Leadership Immersion Training


We will cover:

  • —  Building Community in person and on line

  • —  Retention thru FUN!

  • —  Hobbyists: the key to stability

  • —  Business Builders: Leaders build leaders

  • —  Conflict Resolution: working with difficult people and thru difficult times

  • —  Leading by serving 


You are never too new of a leader to learn these skills, and you have never been around for so long that you know it all

Commit to learning

Commit to leading

Training is $99, you will be directed to the training page upon payment

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