This monthly program is the PERFECT addition to the Learn to Sell Training


We know that most of you do an awesome job in generating class fees

The struggle comes in getting people to BUY what we show!


One of the keys is knowing what to show and how to show it

For those of you who have taken my Learn to Sell training, we talked a lot about how to decide what you show.

Typically it goes like this:

you have a class coming up so you go to Pinterest, Stampin' Connection or SplitCoast Stampers and collect a lot of cute projects and put your class together with those


10 cards


dozens of papers, stamps, inks and embellishments


overwhelmed customers!!

And overwhelmed customers don't buy


so we need to simplify what we share with our customers

Here is what we recommend:

4 cards

that all include:

  • one stamp set
  • one DSP
  • one Embellishemnt
  • one Embossing Folder


this creates a "suite" of products that make buying REALLY easy!

You can do several "suites" or just one at your events

easy buying = more buying


plus your customers can spend their time adding on the "extras" because the basics are covered!


Here is an example of a 3 card suite


and another:


Beginning August 15th, each month we will put out a:

Monthly 3 Suite Learn to Sell PDF

  • 3 suites, 4 cards each, 12 samples
  • full color pictures
  • cutting measurements
  • directions
  • marketing piece to share on line or in person


What you don't get:

paper, embellishments and all the other stuff you should be buying from YOURSELF!!


this is a subscription service delivered directly to your inbox each month

you can cancel your subscription at any time



To join us is a 2 step process:

  1. Set up your subscription via PayPal
  2.  Fill out the "newsletter"/sign up form

any questions?

email me at