Hereis a little tidbit I received in a training email.

It makes total sense to me, and I hope you find a nugget to inspire you to simplify for success!



3 steps to simplify Your Life

1.Trim your to-do list. To simplify my life, every week I like to identify one LESS thing to do. For example, look at your to-do list or calendar—what’s one thing that’s been on there for months that just isn’t getting done? Maybe it’s cleaning a closet…or entering that list of business cards into my computer. Either I decide not to do it or I hire someone to do it for me, using a service likeTaskrabbit or a local college student. Frankly, if it hasn’t gotten done in months, chances are it’s not that important. Each week, what’s one thing you could eliminate or outsource?
2.Try smarter, not harder. How many of us have said, “Ok, I really need to buckle down and save more” or “I know I need to lose 10 pounds. I’m going to try harder this month.” Psychology research has shown that willpower isn’t enough—we need systems to make behavior change permanent. Automation is the key to trying less hard. What payments, savings and investments can you automate?

Rearrange your days. Many of us mistakenly believe that productivity is all about time management—but there’s more to it. We’ve all had a day when we had the time carved out to do something…but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to do it. It’s not just about managing our time—it’s about managing our energy. Be brutally honest with yourself about when you’re the most productive— morning? night?—and reschedule as many things as possible to take advantage of your high energy time.

































I love these because it doesn't matter if we are talking about our finances, our health, our business….it is applicable to so much of our life.

And that is what you find with TRUTH.

Truth works everywhere!