super quick tutorial on how to set up your Instagram account:


go to the app store

download the instagram app

press sign up

set up account: email, username, and password (I think your username should be your first and last name, no spaces. for example: lisapretto

you will be able to find friends using the contact list, facebook, and twitter account

hit next

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instagram will give you a suggested list to follow, check it out you might find something cool

Your Profile:

you will see 5 little icons along the bottom, press the rectangle shaped icon on the far right side.

go to account and edit your profile

enter your first and last name, our blog address and a short bio

Hit Submit

go back to profile

change your profile pic: you can upload a picture or use one from your facebook page

Privacy settings: make sure it is public and not private

Uploading a Photo with Instagram

when you go to Instagram the middle icon along the bottom is the camera. Click on that and you can take a picture with the camera

it will open up and you can choose a filter and then click next add your search words with a # before in the description box

make sure to click twitter which will upload your picture to both instagram and twitter

and that is your easiest entrance into the social media world, good luck!