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The Daily Declaration is a post that focuses on one word and how it can change your business.


We start with Gratitude, because EVERYTHING starts with Gratitude


and this business story:

When Kristina Bouweiri started hosting customer appreciation lunches in 2009, she thought she was just helping a friend boost her lagging business.

Little did she know that the lunches, which have been held in posh restaurants around Washington, D.C. like The Palm and Capital Grille, would introduce her to almost 900 of her clients, giving her own business a jolt.

Bouweiri's unexpected success is testament to the power of appreciation and gratitude in business.

"Instead of going after new business, we decided to go back to old clients and thank them, and develop relationships," she says. For almost 20 years, her company Reston Limousine had done little or nothing to thank its almost 20,000 clients. Now, says Bouweiri, "I consider it the most important initiative that I have."


how can you put a little gratitude in you business?

and what kind of difference can it make?


Be Inspired*Be Inspiring



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