Recently I was chatting with my almost 20 year old daughter about relationships. She has a great guy she has been dating for 14 months.

As a kind of newlywed myself, 2 1/2 years, we both can fondly remember all the energy our fellas took to woo us. And at some point in the conversation I said:

"if guys worked half as hard to keep you as they did to get you, life would be grand"


so the business question for you is:

are you still romancing your customers?


We work so very hard in this business to get new customers, and we should.

New customers are critical to keep our business growing


But how are we doing with our trusty, faithful, loyal customers?


loyalty programs

hostess appreciation

blog candy


these are all great ways to give a little extra to our customers


Along with these I also recommend doing something completely unrelated to sales.

A free tutorial

A free video

Maybe even a little free product sampler




I appreciate the flowers I get after the hubby has mis-stepped

But I appreciate the text "just thinking about you" even more


Take a look at your business plan and make sure you can check off the box in front of "Romancing Your Customer"


Here is to a long, loyal relationship 😉


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