I get a lot of requests to like the business Facebook pages of other Stampin'Up! demonstrators.


I turn most of them down, although I typically  "like" the pages of my clients.

This way I can see what they are doing, offer suggestions, tips, ideas, etc


I'm not being a meanie here,

But if you are a demonstrator I don't think you really want other demos to "like" your page.

and here is why

Not your Customer Base

other demos are not the future customers, hostesses, club members and recruits you need to run a successful business ( I know if they drop at some point in the future they might re sign with you, but that is not a good reason to ask them to like your page)


Skews your Brand

you and your unique brand will be most successful when you are laser targeted on identifying the wants and needs of your customers and providing it.

 and the wants of a demonstrator are different then the wants of customer

Which makes it easy to get off track. You start serving the demos and you can lose the customers


Wrecks your Numbers

If you have 1000 Facebook Fans but 1/4 of them are demos it makes it hard to see if your page is successful, if you are converting the right number to blog readers, newsletter subscribers and BUYING customers


Takes  Time

when someone comments, likes, shares on your business Facebook Page you want to respond, right?

If you have demos all over your page asking questions/wanting directions it can take you away from serving your customers



if demos just keep liking each others pages and don't interact on the page they become a lurker.

A lurker is a person who has liked your page but has no interaction with it. This hurts your numbers and makes you less visible on Facebook. So you only want fans who are going to be passionate about what you are offering


We want our Facebook Fans to be 

  • unique to us
  • potential and current customers
  • folks who will interact with us


That doesn't sound like fellow demos


Obviously we want to be kind and generous with our fellow demos.

And there are lots of opportunities to share ideas

But resist the temptation of asking all the demos you know to like your Business Page. Sure your numbers might go up in the short run, but long term it does nothing for your business.

Some will find it and like it on their own and that is totally cool


You need to keep your focus on your ideal customer:

offering what they want and need.

The more you give of that the more quickly your Facebook page will grow without the influx of other demos.


Be Inspired * Be Inspiring



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