Yesterday I took the day off


Yep, it was a Monday


But it had been a busy week and weekend

And someone brought me a pile of rhubarb


I was up early for yoga and on the ride home I decided it was a day to bake and read and sit in the sun for a bit.

Walk the dog and really just BE


One of the best things about direct sales is the ability to your own boss, and really own your time.

Yet a lot of days many of us want to strangle the boss 😉


I work with so many demos who are missing out on what should be the best part of their business: the opportunity to own their time


I will be honest, there was a time when I was terrible with time management.

I took on too much

I had so many deadlines

I was so stressed

And I missed a lot of the things I said were priorities


Things had to change, because I wasn't living the life I wanted

and I certainly was struggling to keep my number one priorities number one


So I made changes

 I created a schedule, a way of doing business, that:

  • makes sense
  • gets everything done
  • gives me huge flexibility
  • and is VERY profitable


and I am going to share my system, with you



yep, all my secrets (wink, wink)

Join us for a webinar

Thursday, June 20th

1 pm central

and I will share with you how to get it all done: mom, wife, friend, demo, volunteer and more.

Learn my best secrets on how to run a profitable system and have a balanced, healthy, fun filled life

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