I recently came across this writing by Danielle LaPorte:

"Be The Giver.

It’s not so much about getting what you want as having what it takes to give to others. twit bird Be The Giver.

Give. Be the giver. Be generous. Be voluptuous with your love.

Give first. Be the first to say who you are — otherwise, the world will define you and you’ll have less to give.

Be the first to say I love you, because you do love — instantly.

Be the first to give an apology, even if you’re just thinking about being sorry.

Giving will show you who you are.twit bird Be The Giver. 
(You may not be who you thought you were, and you’ll realize you have so much more … to give.)

Give up your seat.

Give up your beliefs and you’ll be able to give more freely.

Give in the way that only you can give.

Give of yourself. You’ll never regret it.

And never stop giving."


This speaks to me on so many levels. (and don't get caught up on the "give up your beliefs". She means it in a "be open to what others have to say" kind of way)

I think about how I want people to talk about me:

  • She is a great salesperson
  • She built an awesome business
  • She earned a lot of trips and incentives and…..


Those are not even close to what I want to be known for.

But if someone were to say about me:

She is a giver


I would be thrilled

I would feel like I am living my purpose


And it really rings true in business as well because one of the things I teach my clients who want to build an on line business is 

to pair your most creative self with your most generous self



Give because people need what you have to offer

Give because it feels good

Give because meeting the needs of your customers will bring you far more success in life than focusing on your own agenda.


So how is your giving going today?


Be Inspired * Be Inspiring



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