One of my very favorite parts of being in direct sales is the fact that I have an incredibly flexible work schedule.

Particularly with the majority of my business done on line, I have set up a schedule that works really well for myself and family.

I have time to walk the dog

go to yoga

attend all the kid's sports activities, many miles and many states

date nights with my hubby

family dinners

girls' night out

and a very active spiritual and emotional life


I work really hard

I am often on the computer by 5:30 am and am often there at 9 pm at night, but in between there is a lot of life being lived.

 I choose that

and it works for me


but what about when we want to go on a REAL Vacation, like somewhere with NO INTERNET, YIKES!!

seriously, my palms get sweaty 😉


Most of my vacations I sneak in a couple of hours of computer time every day. 

Because I travel a lot and I really don't want  to be out of the loop 4-5 days every month.


during the summer though I like to take a proper vacation, or 2.

As in NO WORK!

So how does that happen?


Here are 4 Keys to Make it Work

1) plan ahead

We all have those times in our schedule when it is easier to really get away.

Don't plan a big event for the day after you get back.

Make sure all the loose ends are tied up and you can leave and feel good


2) have a back up

even if you are a control freak you can let someone else take over for a little while. 

Have someone who can check email, respond to problems or questions, just make sure things stay smooth until you get back


3) prep your social media tools

schedule  a few hours in the week before you leave to set up a couple of posts, Facebook posts, twitter, etc just so that you don't completely disappear.

Blog posts can easily be scheduled

And a service like HootSuite is perfect to schedule some of your other social media tools.


4) let your customers know

let your customers know that you will be unavailable and that in a pinch the can reach your assistant.

They realize you need a break and will be just fine.


Make sure to schedule some completely down time.

You need it in order to keep up being a rockstar all thru the year!