First, we need to have the discussion about what success really is:

  • success is not a title
  • success is not a trip
  • success is not free product


unless you say it is

Success in your business is whatever you determine it to be.

I train people how to be profitable as one measure of success.


I like profitability because

  • I think it keeps people engaged
  • it is something that you work towards each and every day
  • you never get the feeling of "starting over"
  • money can make a big difference in how you feel about your contribution to the world, your family, and your passions


But just like titles, trips, and free product aren't the only measure of success, neither is profitability.

YOU are the only one who can set the bar of what is success in your business.


so, now that we have that clear, let's answer the question:

Why are some consultants earning more titles, products, trips and creating profitability?

Why are some consultants more successful in reaching the standards they have set for themselves?



You want to have more sales?

  • You must consistently be in front of more people

You want more blog readers?

  • You must consistently be offering awesome content

You want more recruits?

  • You must consistently be offering the opportunity

You want more leaders in your downline?

  • You must consistently be offering great training


And I will be honest, those who are achieving BIG success, are consistently doing these each and every DAY.

Yes, they take some time off, but they are working their business like a business


They aren't building a successful blog by blogging 2x a week

They aren't selling $30,000 a year by doing 2 events a month

They aren't recruiting 24 people a year by focusing all their energy on that one person who keeps saying they are going to sign

They aren't building a strong team by sending a weekly email as their training


People in direct sales who are successful touch their business all day long

  • They interact thru facebook, pinterest, blogging, video, emails, newsletters, phone calls, webinars.
  • They get in front of their customers and potential customers on purpose
  • They share what they are doing
  • They engage in training so that they keep themselves fresh and knowledgeable


It is really like anything else we have ever done.

Successful people work hard, often


So when you look at your business and wonder, "hmmm, how come it seems so hard to reach my goals?"

look at how you are spending your time.

All of us can work harder, smarter, better, more focused.

Are you willing to "up your consistency"?

As I tell my kiddos, "Good things happen when you work hard"


But those good things don't always happen right away.

Commit to consistency

Plan your work, work your plan

YOUR success is waiting for you


Be Inspired * Be Inspiring



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