Recently there was an informal Q&A and the question was:

What is the best benefit of being in direct sales?


And overwhelming the answer was the Incentive Events

  • over the friendships
  • over the paycheck
  • over the product


and it made me think,

How many of the consultants in Direct Sales earn an incentive event?

the answer: not many!


and it made me sad


Seriously, the percentage of consultants who earn an incentive trip is around 1%


So what is the highlight for the other 99%?

What motivates the majority of demonstrators to work their business, share their passions, continue to stay active?

the paycheck

the friendships

the product


so while the trips are a nice benefit, they aren't what makes a successful direct sales business

99% of demonstrators who aren't earning trips are still successful, they just work for different benefits.

What does this mean to you and me?

1) Don't compare yourself to the 1% and think you aren't successful because you aren't jumping on a plane or cruise ship

2) MOST consultants are in  the business because they love the people and the product, that is what gets them up in the morning, and keeps them actively sharing their passion for the product for years and years

3) if you are an incentive trip earner, ENJOY the reward of your hard work

4) but remember what drives the majority of demonstrators is vastly different than what you may use as a barometer of success, or what your company believes is "success"


EVERYONE can be successful

And the more we embrace all the different levels of success, achievement, and fulfillment, the happier all of our consultants will be.

And that happiness and joy in our downlines and demonstrator base will create great things for all of our direct sales companies


We need to ignore the hierarchy of "visible success" and honor each person's desires and dreams.

When you fulfill YOUR dreams, YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL!

Do What You Love!

Do What You Love

Success will find you


Be Inspired * Be Inspiring



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