As a great leader one of the things you are committed to is providing on-going relevant trainings.


We plan, we plot, we deliver.


And over time our downline can become "expecting" of what we offer.

I will never forget when I brought in another demo to share what she was doing and my downline went ga-ga for it.

And all I could think was:

I tell you that all the time!!



So sometimes, even though you are a great leader, committed to learning and sharing great info, it can be beneficial to everyone to let them hear it from someone else.

Delivered in different way.

Because bottom line is:

we want them to be successful, we want them to be cared for and it doesn't matter if you provide the info or facilitate the training.

You are committed to them and that is what makes you a great leader.


We would like to support you in one of 2 ways:

1) In Person Training

  • We come to you
  • 1/2 day or whole day
  • Traditional on the ground business and/or social media training
  • cost is $20 per person, minimum of 30 people
  • You cover the cost of the space, we cover all of our own expenses
  • We set up a private group Facebook page to provide support to those who take part in the training


2) Webinars

  • we provide a private,  live 3 part webinar series on either social media or traditional business
  • they can join us live or listen to the recording
  • cost is $15 per person, minimum of 8 people
  • we set up a group facebook page to support those who take part in the trainings


Our first openings for in person events is the middle of September.

If you would like us to join you at one of your Fall gatherings email us ASAP to discuss a time at


We are booked thru May for our private Webinars. To book trainings beginning in June thru the fall email us at


Please feel free to share this opportunity with anyone you think would be interested and

Check out what some of our past training attendees have had to say about their time with us:

 “Your information was precise, succinct and sensible. I finally made the connection between my blog and my sales.  I can't wait to start putting your teachings into action.  ” – Tisha C.


"I love your training materials!  How clear and concise your tutorials are. I have enjoyed all of them!  Like I said, as leaders, it's information that we may have learned over the years but you put it in such a wonderful way!  I highly recommend InkBig Academy!  Whatever training anyone chooses, they won't be disappointed!" - Sharon Armstrong

“I just wanted to thank you for the class on Social Media… you explained it enough so that I have a better understanding of the different types of social media. You made a great point on how important it is to have a blog for your business.  I am excited about the possibilities of what the social media can do for my business." – Charlotte

“You really opened my eyes about certain areas of my business. Common sense things, that I just never thought about. I am now eager to try some new avenues. Especially to do LESS, do Better! Thank you for all your wonderful tips and advice!" – Linda B

“The video training Soulution has me really intrigued not just for the business aspect but for me in general with my life.”  – Barbara K

“I am primarily a hobby demonstrator and have struggled with how I could be more successful with my Stampin Up business. Tonight, I feel like I have real action steps that I can take to make a difference and start to build an online presence. There was so much content in last night's presentation, that I'm sure I am going to be replaying it in my head over the next several days as I review my notes and find more "A-ha!" moments.”  – Shannon


“I just wanted to say that I enjoyed taking your class this evening. You gave us a lot of things to think about and some practical items we can use right away in our businesses. Thank You!” – Patti D