any one who has taken a training from me knows that I will talk about money a lot. I believe with all my heart that everyone can have a profitable business, as big or small as they wish.

I also talk about passion for what you do and building an amazing life. Because money without love for what you do is a pretty hollow existence.


But today I want to talk about YOUR money and what you do with YOUR money.


I think there are some really good places to put your hard earned money:

  • marketing pieces
  • support people who free you to do what you love
  • trainings: whether they are on MDS, how to blog, building a strong team, etc…. and I'm not the only one offering those 😉
  • Tutorials and PDFs on things that would take you a ton of time to figure out
  • Stampin'Up! products that you are going to use RIGHT AWAY


I am sure there are others, but you get the idea.

And one of the places I think you should NEVER, NEVER, NEVER spend your money is with another demonstrator for product.

If you want to buy a tutorial for 4.95 on 4 cards and a box, I think that may very well be a good investment for your business.

In fact, I am a BIG purchaser of those as I figure what they save me in time and frustration make them a great investment



Someone is selling you all the cut pieces of card stock along with the tutorial? WALK AWAY

Someone wants to sell you a "product sampler" from the new catalog?


As a demonstrator you get a discount on your sales and they help you earn free goodies as either a hostess, great rewards, upline incentives, etc.


There is NEVER a good reason to buy product from another demonstrator

If you want to do a product share, get some of your stamping friends, or customers, together and everyone buy a little something and share

MOST demos intend those product sales to be be purchased by customers.

SOME demos depend on other demos to buy product from them to boost their own sales.


I am not saying they are doing something wrong by offering those opportunities, 



As a a business owner you get to decide how to spend your hard earned money.

Be thoughtful


There is no reason to support another demo by purchasing product from them.

And what a great opportunity to help out your fellow demos by putting together shares where everyone benefits.

Direct sales was never intended to be the model of one direct seller selling their product to another direct seller.


For those of us with Stampin'Up!, we have so much inspiration that can be found on blogs, Splitcoast, Pinterest, and Stampin' Connection.

Enjoy and appreciate the creativity of others.

Let it inspire and motivate you


And then buy YOUR product at YOUR discount from YOUR company 



Be Inspired * Be Inspiring



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