Many of my Stampin'Up! Friends and clients host classes each month.

typically it is a "come and make 4 cards for x dollars, free with an $x purchase"


The question I get ALL THE TIME is what to charge?

And my first answer is that there is no real answer.

bummer, right?


But there are a few guidelines that can help you

1) What is the Going Rate?

so much depends on what others are doing in your area. I am not saying you have to just follow along, but it is a good indicator of where to start. 

Some places do 5 cards for $10 and some places do 4 cards for $20.

Neither one is wrong. 

Check out what is normal for your area and feel free to bump it a dollar or 2, but doubling it might cost you some business


2) What is your Real Goal?

Are you looking to generate sales or are you looking to generate fees?

Again, neither one is wrong, but know what your goal is.

If you would rather generate fees then make that look more advantageous.

4 cards for $20 or free with a $75 purchase will get you more $20 bills and fewer orders, right?

Same way if you really want product sales: 6 cards for $30 or free with a $45 purchase will get you purchases and less fees.

there is no one right way, just make sure you are very clear in your goals


3) Know How you Make Money

every demo is on their own personal path of business growth.

What you are focused on is different than what I am focused on.

In the beginning of your career most of your income is based on your events, your sales, your fees.

As your business grows more of your income is based on your downline override income–that money that comes as a percentage of what your downline sells.

Here is an example:

As a Stampin'Up! Senior Executive someone would need to submit $1500 each month to receive their full downline override check.

If they have a nice size downline that check can be anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 and up.

so their goal is to hit that $1500 in sales each month.

And be aware, the money they make from their own events and sales are peanuts compared to that DL check.


but it means that you can't compare yourself to what they are doing and how they are running their business.


focus on doing what you love, providing great customers service and meeting the goals you have for yourself.

That is success!


Be Inspired * Be Inspiring



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