Recently I was privy to this conversation:

"Oh my gosh I am so excited! The new hygienist at the dentist office loves to stamp and she is thinking about signing up in September!! That will promote me to Manager!"


After 13+ years I am still excited about new customers and new recruits.

But the other thing I have come to embrace after 13+ years is don't count your chickens before they hatch. Building a business based on what someone thinks they might do months down the road is a frustrating endeavor.


It pains me to see consultants get so excited about what future business may come their way.

"Oh, she is going to sign up right after the holidays"

"My friend is going to host after school starts"

"This group is going to start a stamp club after the full moon/meteor shower/total eclipse" 🙂


We have all been there and we all have downline and friends who are still there in their direct sales business.

The truth is that building a business by counting on that magical future recruit or customer never seems to work.

Do some of those things come to fruition?

Sure, but in our business all we have is the here and now.

We can't build a strong foundation on what might happen.


We want a long range plan but what we do today is critical to our success.


So EVERY day we talk to people about the demonstrator experience

EVERY day we talk to folks about what kind of event will work for them

EVERY day we work to find new customers

EVERY day we commit to taking awesome care of our current customers


When we put too much time, attention, and hope in "this is the one" we miss the opportunities to work every day in our business to make a difference.

So stay in touch with those folks, follow thru, answer questions….

But focus on what you can do today to grow your business


Be Inspired * Be Inspiring



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