as my Stampin'Up! friends, and many other direct sellers,look to kick off a new "year", I always say this is a great time to re-evaluate how you do things.


Today I want to talk to you about your "events".

Whether you consider yourself a traditional business person or are more focused in growing an on line business, we all have sales events with our customers: sale of products, classes, tutorials, etc


I am often asked what is the "best"

And the truth is there is no best.

All of your clients and customers will be a little different so we need to meet them where they are.


Some want to pay for product and do their own thing

Some want to pay for supplies and follow along with a class

Some just want to "know how"


and we can do that.


When you design a card, project, class or stamping opportunity you can offer a "kit" of supplies that includes all the materials: stamp sets, ink, embellishments, cardstock , etc. 

  • I think of this like a single stamp set class where they purchase the stamp set and then there is an additional cost for the consumables. All of the projects use that stamp set.


We can also offer the "come and craft" opportunity in which we provide all the materials with a charge for the consumables they need to complete the projects. 

  • We have called this a stamp a stack in which they make a set number of cards and get just the materials to make those cards, all consumables.

And we can just offer a tutorial to those who might not be interested in buying any product from us but what the directions.

  • This works really well to get over the frustration of "all those demos following me and I'm not making any money"


As we look at growing our customer base, increasing our reach, and becoming more profitable, we want to really open our business to meet people where they are.

And the beauty is that it doesn't take a lot more work than what you are already doing.

It makes it easy transition to begin putting your traditional business on line


And there is no perfect time than with the change of a catalog to change up and refresh your business

Be Inspired * Be Inspiring



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