As a direct seller you know that generating sales is your "real job".

Without the sale there is no chance to build a relationship with that customer. 

And typically new recruits come from your customer base, those clients with whom you have a strong relationship.

So you can't even think about building a team if you aren't generating strong sales


I train my consultants to:

  • focus on the sale
  • create a strong follow up system
  • and make the "opportunity" a no-brainer


But often times we can lose people in that sales process by doing one of these 3 things:

1) Lack of Communication

we all have orders that "go bad".

An item doesn't make it into the computer system, something is back ordered or out of stock, the item arrives not quite right.

Sometimes we can think, "ugh, maybe they won't notice" or "I will take care of that when it comes in".

And that can be the kiss of death to future sales with that customer.

Make sure that you have some time scheduled every day for customer communication: to let them know their order shipped, if there were any issues, and to follow up once they have received their goodies.


2) Not Following Up

We all meet people who have what I call a "soft interest".

They may not be ready to buy or sign up today, but they showed an interest in wanting to learn more about our products, hosting, signing on as a demonstrator.

And while we don't want to build our business on these folks we need to make certain we have a system in place to follow up.

Emails, news of special offers, opportunities to learn more. 

Often times we miss sales because we don't have a way to track and build relationships with those "down the road" people. A system of follow up for the soft interest people can be huge in continuing to build your customer base

Along with that, have you every gotten a voice message or email:

"hey, can you add the white ribbon to my order?"

Or how about:

"I want to order but can you hold my check until Monday?"

"I need the first 3 items sent to me but I will pay for the other item to be shipped to my daughter"


Not following up with some of these "by the way" requests can lose us all sorts of business, especially when our first response is always: "Of course I can!"


Develop a system of writing down these special request and giving yourself super clear instructions/prompts so that you can provide that rock start service you want to.

You aren't going to "just remember"


3) Acting Put Out

Direct Sales is a people business

And people will make you nuts.

But our job is to be gracious, polite, respectful. 

Behaving rude, abrupt, acting out or bad mouthing a customer will never help your business.

One of my favorite quotes is "be kind whenever possible, and it is always possible".

That doesn't mean you should be a doormat.

But if we choose to always treat people with respect and dignity we will still have a customer once the issue has passed. And chances are they will be even more loyal when they realize how well you treated them.


Sales is the #1 key to building a successful direct sales business. 

We have developed a training full of ideas, tips, and techniques to help you sell more, make more money and create a business you love and profit from

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I'm pretty sure making more money for the work you are currently doing sounds good 🙂


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