I read a lot of business, leadership, inspirational books. 

I am a "word" girl.

I have always "collected" quotations. First in notebooks as a girl, and now via Pinterest.


Reading is one of the ways I nourish my soul.

So I ask a lot of people what they are reading, what I should be reading, what's new, what's hot, etc.


Right now I am reading "Get Rich, Lucky Bitch"

the title is a little over the top in order to get noticed, but the content is strong.

And I read something last night that totally connected to yesterday's post about how to know what to charge for your events. You can read it here


One of the things I mentioned yesterday is how important it is to know where your money comes from. It helps you know where to focus in your business.


Well in this book I am reading the author goes one step further and asks you to record EVERY PENNY that comes in to your life: paychecks, fees, discounts, EVERY PENNY!


And this totally hit home with me.

When I work with clients one of the first things we look at is their income.

The truth is that most people in direct sales make more money than they think.

Thru fees, commissions, instant income, free product, etc


What happens is that we spend it so fast that we don't think of it as income.

We discount the fact that we:

  • "earned" 20% up front
  • got a 20% discount on our order
  • that we received $45 in free product
  • took in $60 in class fees


I am a believer that what we think about we bring about.

So although we can focus on cutting expenses, I think it is more exciting and invigorating to focus on increasing income.

And to focus on it we need to know where it comes from.

And there is more there than you think, trust me!

So here is your task:

For 2 weeks jot down every time you receive "money"

  • It could be finding $5 in your coat pocket
  • the 20% discount on your order today
  • or the $15 you make selling your card fronts at the next event


I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how much of a money making machine you are!

And once you start realizing that you DO make money in this business we can focus on making more money.

And that is fun!

So grab a cute little stamped notebook and that matching pen and commit for 2 weeks. Yes, I know you have at least one sitting around!

 Altered Notebook & Pen

It will change your business!


Be Inspired * Be Inspiring



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