Sunday night I heard this quotation and it just resonated with me:

"I am interested in being a part of someone else's journey,

Not someone being a part of my journey"



I think because I have leadership on the brain, as I'm gearing up for our Profitable and Joyful Leadership training that starts April 13th, this just clicked right in with all I have been working on.

We run into trouble as a leader or upline when we focus on our downline being part of our success rather than us being part of their success.

It is a subtle shift; be critical.

It is not about how many downline we have or how much we need them to sell or how many we need them to recruit or what title we need them to attain.  All of those things are about us and make them part of OUR journey.

Leading is about the success and happiness of the downline, not the upline.  It means focusing on their hopes, dreams, desires and supporting them in WHAT THEY WANT.

  • Great leaders don't get their downline to sell, recruit, etc.
  • Great leaders inspire their downline to follow their heart, their passion, find happiness and purpose

And when we, as leaders, focus on our downlines' desires rather than our own, we create a community that thrives, that feels genuine, and values everyone for their unique voice and talents.

Leading is not about your journey; leading is about the honor of being a part of someone else's journey.

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