Everyone in Direct Sales who has made it their career knows the importance of a successful downline. 

And for those of you who want to make it a career, to be able to replace your current income, building a downline is the key to generating that level of income.


So we committ to the fast money: sales

and we commit to the real money: recruiting and training


Do you know the number one ingredient that separates successful downline from all the other downline?



Because here is the real deal:

Success does not bring happiness, Happiness creates Success

Say that out loud.


success does not bring happiness, happiness brings success


Knowing that, how does it affect your interaction with your downline?

How does it affect your training programs, your emails, your meetings or gatherings?


Do you know what emotions create happiness?

Do you know how you can affect the happiness of your downline?

Do you know what type of recognition really makes people happy?


If the success of your downline, and your direct sales business, relies on how happy they are, it seems to me to be something worth investing in.


EVEN if you think you already know it

EVEN if you think you have it down

Here is what I think:

You owe them

You owe yourself

To be the best leader you can


So join us for our Joyful and Profitable Leadership Class beginning April 13. 

In 2 weeks we will turn around how you think of your downline, bring more joy to them and you, and set you down the path of retention and profits,

that sounds good to me!


Be Inspired * Be Inspiring



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