so in the previous posts about getting your group together we shared why meetings just don't work and 3 things we really need to figure out before we plan an event.


So let's look a little more at what we can do to create a great group gathering

1) Create A Theme

themes are just plain fun.

So whether it is a

  • New Catalog Kick off (football/kick off)
  • Garden Tea Party
  • Fall into Fun
  • Winter Wonderland
  • or any of the 100's of party themes: fiesta, hula, cowboy, disco, superhero

Pick  a theme and work it

It will add excitement, create hype, and help you focus on the set up of the day


2) Time to Socialize

The stronger the group is tied to each other, the greater the sense of community. 

As the leader we can sometimes focus so much on ourselves as "leading" that we forget the importance of creating a team atmosphere.

Relationships are created by time spent together and shared memories.

So before we get right down to business, make sure that you have some time for your downline to talk, share, mingle, and get to know each other.

For us, during our check in time we set up a coffee station complete with bagels, juice, muffins, coffee, etc. They also do a card swap during this time, buy raffle tickets, look at displays and demonstrations. 


It is hang out time, and so important to set a tone for the day

3) Teach What They Want

Whether a demo is a hobbyist or business owner they are coming to the event to learn something.

My hobbyists want creative ideas, my business peeps want creative and business ideas.

my job is to deliver BOTH

Here is how I do it:

demonstrations and swaps are a great way for your CREATIVE downline to share and grow. They are good at this and they are very proud of their creations. In fact,  I make a WAY bigger deal out of the swap winner than I do high sales

Make and Takes are my combo item where I can share creative ideas and business tips.

I plan my make and takes so that they convert easily to a class or event. When I am walking my demos thru the stamping stations I casually throw in these statements.

"Today we are using the BEST OF stamp sets. We know they are going to be around for a year so they make a great investment for me as I know I can use them that long.

What I am showing you today is one stamp set, one ink color, one DSP, and one embellishment used on 3 different cards. I have done this with 3 of the BEST OF sets.

This is an easy way to create a pre buy class or to create a kit for people to purchase after your stamping event. We want to make shopping easy for our customers and kits and pre buy classes do just that"


"today as our 3d make and take we are doing a box and a banner. Printables are really hot right now, as are all the party accessory paper crafting items.  We can totally compete in that market with our great supplies. How about offering a monthly Get Your Party On class in which people can make seasonal party items or home decor, etc"


So the solid business tips are there without having a business portion of the event

4) Let Others Shine

I like to highlight the accomplishments of others both in a planned way and a spontaneous way.

By asking downline to create swap, create displays, do demonstrations we are really highlighting those creative souls who LOVE our product.

Let me reiterate how important I think this is.

Every leader in your group needs stability in their downline in order to grow and be successful. One of the best ways we can help them is to provide opportunities for our hobbyists and sellers to shine. 

Put those people in the forefront of your mind and be constantly thinking about how to include more of them and shine a light on their talents on a regular basis.


My business builders get more one on one from me away from the event, but I like to highlight their accomplishments in a more low key way at our group gatherings.

For example, by talking to those business builders I know a little bit more about their business.

At our last meeting as I was demo-ing something with the Big Shot I was able to say, "Hey Teri, tell them about your new recruit and the Big Shot"

Teri was able to share the story of how a customer she hadn't heard from in months emailed that she wanted to order the Big Shot. Teri explained how she gave the customer options of buying it, ordering it as a hostess order to get some free goodies, or signing up as a demo and receiving it as a part of her starter kit. The customer signed up to be a demonstrator.


And it was so well received because it wasn't a spiel, it wasn't a me saying you should do this. It came from "one of them" and it was real, and relate-able, and flowed with all we were doing.


So the big take aways?

it isn't about you, it is about them

it isn't about what you want them to know, it is about what they want to learn

provide opportunity for a sense of community, and you will build a strong team


Be Inspired * Be Inspiring



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