Downline Retention is HUGELY important for every Direct Seller, regardless of your title or size of downline.


Our emerging leaders so often struggle with the "gain one, lose two" as they work so very hard to reach that title of manager or senior manager.

It seems that just when that next title gets within reach they worry about losing the ones who are already in their downline.

If our emerging downline are struggling with reaching and maintaining their titles, then we as leaders struggle as well.

We are dependent not only on the titles of our downline to step up our own titles, but the stability and growth of our downline growing also impacts our income.


So whether you are a new leader

OR looking to support the leaders in your downline

OR looking to maximize your compensation plan by growing your downline


Retention is HUGE

We need to stop the revolving door on new recruits in order to stabilize our downline numbers and leadership

The key to this?

Starting your downline on the right track from the very beginning.

Our New Demo Roadmap to Success


is the perfect tool to add to your existing training or use as a blueprint if you don't have a training program in place.


Given the huge importance of retention, I highly suggest you join us for our webinar this Thursday at 1 pm central 

Our Roadmap has been crazy successful in creating a stable downline. Which not only helps my business, but more importantly helps the business of my leaders.

3.95, You will receive the recording if you can't join us live

you will receive the registration link 24 hours before the webinar