Build a Blog from Scratch

We have heard from so many of you that you need help getting started blogging; this training is for you. 

We guarantee you will have a beautiful, functional blog, with all the bells and whistles necessary by the end of training, even if you have never blogged before!!!

This training is a combination of training calls, that you will be
able to access via recording, email support in the form of PDFs, 
answering your questions and continual monitoring of your blog over the course of its development giving you tips, tricks, and pointers.

To see all of the details about this training, CLICK HERE.

Beginning a blog is never going to be easy, it isn’t going to be a passing phase, and don’t think it is too late.  Get it done and let us make sure it gets done right!


Cost is $75



Generate $1,000 from Your Blog: Our 90-Day Training Program

This 90-day program is designed to make sure that your time in social media counts. 

We want your direct sales business to
reward you financially for your efforts and give you the flexibility to
spend time in the most important areas of your life, whatever those
might be for you.

In 90 days we will take you and your blog to generating $1,000 in profit every month.

 We are 100% committed to you building a fun, profitable business.  Step by step,week by week,we will train you to do exactly what it takes to generate $1000 a month from your blog regardless of where you are today.

(To see the full description of this class, CLICK HERE)

Class starts as soon as you sign up.  Let’s get started!


Cost:   $99

Building Online Classes


Despite all the crazy information you may get from other sources, you can create online classes without buying or subscribing to a bunch of programs and services.  We will teach you everything you need to know to market, build, deliver and PROFIT from online classes. 

This is an audio and PDF training that will also give you unlimited email access to us for questions and support.


Cost:   $30

Intro to YouTube


You KNOW you should do it, but man, there sure seems to be a lot to it!

We will walk you thru setting up your own YouTube account, how to
create rockin videos, how to use them to drive traffic AND sales, how to
create free and paid for video trainings, how to link from your Facebook,
blog and Pinterest accounts, and how to build subscribers.

This training will be audio and PDF supported, along with unlimited email access for support and questions


Cost:   $30