so now that we aren't going to call it a meeting, read why here

the question becomes what makes a great  gathering?


Some leaders get together virtually thru on line events and forums

Some leaders choose to get together in person 

BOTH work, but there are 3 keys to running a great event


1) Know your Downline

As a Stampin'Up! demonstrator, a lot of my downline are what we call hobbyists. That means that they love the product and have signed up so that they can get a discount.

Now each direct sales company has their own type of "hobbyist" and it is really common for people to join direct sales companies just because they love the product and they only intend to purchase for themselves at a discount.

Another part of my downline are sellers. That is to say that they sell product but really have no interest in building a downline or full time business.

And then there is a part of my downline that is committed to building their own strong business thru sales, recruiting and leadership.


2) Know what your Downline wants

if the majority of your people are interested in buying for them self, and not so much in building a business, does this affect what you offer your downline?

do you ever find yourself offering them what you want them to want?

I think it is critical to ask your downline what they want to see, learn, do at your events so that you have a good handle on what will excite and engage them.

That doesn't mean you don't talk business, but maybe it changes HOW you talk business.


3) Know Who to Highlight

one of the biggest mistakes I think we make at our meetings is to focus on the recognition of a few: those who have high sales, those who promote, those who recruit

We DEFINITELY what those folks to get recognition. It is critical to recognize hard work and achievement. And we are a sales company after all.

But if most of our downline have no desire to do any of those things, maybe that shouldn't be the highlight of the meeting.

People who are building a business are doing what they want with their business and reaping the financial rewards of their hard work.

I like to support them with cards, public recognition on our team newsletter or facebook page, and PERSONAL affirmation of their accomplishments by talking to them about what they are doing, their goals, what is working in their business, what they want different.

And we need to remember that those who are investing and growing their business will stay with the business, they aren't going to disappear after committing to making it such a big part of their life. While I am very invested in supporting them, I am confident that they will stay with the business. they are a stable part of my downline.

We need to be sure to focus on our hobbyists and our sellers to keep them happy and feeling connected. 


because we need the numbers in our downline to grow.

Not only for my own downline, but for the downline of those business builders. If I can help them create stability in their downlines they will have greater business success.

we need stability in our business and keeping our hobbyists and sellers engaged and active is the key to retention.

Highlighting our hobbyists and sellers at our gatherings is one of the easiest ways to keep them engaged and feeling appreciated


Stay tuned tomorrow for our tips on how to make these 3 keys work for you!


Be Inspired * Be Inspiring



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