okay, how uncomfortable does talking about money make everybody?

I know, right?


but if we want to talk business we need to get our hands around the dollar issue.


I want to share with you a little bit about how I do my gatherings from a financial standpoint.


Now when I was first starting out I did my gatherings around my dining room table.

There were 12-20 of us, I planned and prepped the projects that day, people brought goodies, and shared ideas. No fees were collected.


My gatherings are bigger these days, it takes me a week to prep, I pay for a rental space, etc


As a leader, I think you get to decide where your money goes

I also think that people respect an event more if they have to dish out some cash to attend.

So I roll like this:

  • My first level (and those for whom I am their next active
  • upline) come for free

  • All others pay $30
  • They make 10 cards and 2, 3d projects


  • I pay $150 in product for room rental
  • I pay 2 display board makers $50 in product to create displays
  • I pay 2 demonstrators a free stamp set of their choice to "demo" a technique that day


I provide coffee, juice, bagels, mini muffins in the morning

Door Prizes


  • Each person who comes receives a door prize ticket
  • If they made swap cards they receive another door prize ticket
  • I provide door prizes equal to 3/4 of attendees, so if 60 people attend I have 45 door prizes. These ranges from spools of ribbon to bone folders to sponges to dimensionals



  • I sell raffle tickets at 2 for $5 or 6 for $10
  • I provide a raffle of approximately $400 in product and take in $250-$300 in raffle tickets


Grab Bags

  • I sell grab bags for $5. Each one holds a product valued at $4-$5.
  • One has a $50 shopping spree. Last event I sold 25 of them.
  • These are all items that I have ordered too much of, or changed my mind and decided not to use, etc.


I award a free stamp set to the swap card winner


Now, obviously I am not making money off these event.

And I am not saying you should run yours the same way.


the only take away I would have you ponder is:

  • my first level comes for free
  • they typically buy $15-$20 of raffle/goodie bag


So what I am doing is transferring a registration fee to a FUN OPTIONAL payment

As you know one of the most important factors to providing a great event and a creating a happy downline is having FUN.

I have just shifted the money around to provide MORE fun


I could just charge my first level $30

I could charge them half


Lots of options, this works for us.


I would love to hear what works for you!!


Be Inspired * Be Inspiring



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