I  LOVE giving away goodies with my logo or team name on them.

And if they are cute, pretty colors, with a little bling–well then all the better!!

It is great branding and goes a long way to build customer loyalty



For my downline, giving away can cozies, key chains, bags, etc with our team name and logo can help build a great sense of community.

Plus, for my high achievers it can be a sense of pride to receive an exclusive bag, portfolio, or iphone sleeve as a means of recognizing their hard work


For my customers, I love to give away things with my  logo and website address.

Travel mugs, bags, post it notes for new catty shopping, water bottles all help to keep me in the front of their mind and thinking positively about their experience with me.


the downside has always been:

that there is so much to sort thru to find the good stuff


I would have to order 500 of something to get decent pricing


Well, as some of you may know I am married to the "T-Shirt Guy"

yep, my hubby Tom owns a promotional company and we have been working super hard to get YOU a chance to get the products and pricing that I get


The Direct Sales Swag Shop


check it out

share it with your sidelines

I have personally picked each item in the shop for quality, pricing and quantity


  • they will help you with your artwork and logo
  • AND free "set up" until April 19th (that can run you $100 sometimes)


So give it a look, we think you will be pleased!

Be Inspired * Be Inspiring



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