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Jackie Bolhuis:  Creating a Profitable Business

 DSC06278Jackie Bolhuis has been a demonstrator for over 18
years and since the beginning, she has always treated her business like a
business.  And she has always been
profitable!  She has shared her “business
expertise” and ideas several times at national events, as well as spoken to
100’s of demonstrators about this very topic. 


You will learn practical and doable ideas that you can
immediately implement into your business to ensure that it is financially
strong and providing you an income at the level you commit to work at!

Join us for this training and learn about:

  • Setting Realistic
    Financial Goals
  • Maintaining a
    “Self-Supporting” Business
  • Understanding
    “Needs” vs “Wants”
  • Making
    Intelligent “Buying Decisions”
  • Learning to Work
    With What You Have
  • Using Gifts &
    Incentives to Increase Your Profits
  • Creating
    Customers For Life
  • And more….

You can listen to this AMAZING training RIGHT NOW,  just $25 to learn how to run a profitable business!




Roadmap to Success

Images-2Downline Retention is HUGELY important for every Direct Seller, regardless of your title or size of downline.  Whether you are a new leader OR looking to support the leaders in your downline OR looking to maximize your compensation plan by growing your downline.

Roadmap to Success is the perfect tool to add to your existing training or use as a blueprint if you don’t have a training program in place.   

Our Roadmap has been crazy
successful in creating a stable downline.

Only $3.95



6 Week Social Media Mentor Program

Blogging – Facebook – Business Facebook Page

YouTube – Twitter – Instagram – Pinterest

You got these all under control or are you feeling a little overwhelmed?

How about:

Hoot Suite – Click to Tweet – Phonto – Bitly

Pinterest Analytics – Vimeo – AnyMeeting

In Our 6-Week Social Media Mentor Program, we will

  • make sure your blog is hooked up to all possible outlets
  • redefine your Business facebook page
  • establish your business presence on twitter, instagram and pinterest
  • build and focus your YouTube channel and grow subscribers
  • learn how to use all of the tools and tracking devices to make sure you are getting a great return on your efforts

We want you to be able to start the new catalog year with all of the tools you have been promising you would master.  We know you think you are “behind”, but know this:

Our Social Media Mentor Program is a one-on-one program focused
exclusively on what YOU need.
Within 24 hours of sign up you will
receive an email from us to set up your first phone interview.

Six week program is 3 payments of $30 each





 “Soulution” is NOT:

 – for someone who says, “just tell me how to do it”

 – for someone who thinks the problems are the problems

 – for someone who thinks, “that won’t work for me because……”

 – for someone who thinks the “journey” is just something to get through

Who is “Soulution” for?

  • If you believe that everything you do, everything you say, every choice you make comes around to you but you have gotten stuck, off track, are feeling tired and unfocused or just know that you, your business, your life can be truer to your soul.
  • If you know that your business will only be as successful as your connection to your purpose and you want a bigger, better, more meaningful business, which leads to a bigger, better, more meaningful life. 
  • If you want to stop being busy and start being productive.
  • if you want to wake up DELIGHTED in your life

then Soulution is for you.  Soulution is AMAZING, and we know you were born to be AMAZING and you can have an AMAZING business.

Soulution is a 2-week intensive training series of daily videos with Big Ideas, Thoughts to Ponder and Get ‘er Done tasks  to bring you back in touch with your soul and give you a “Soulution” to create REAL success.  It is designed to help you

  • reflect 
  • choose 
  • design 
  • and build a business that speaks to your soul, embraces your true passions and desires and creates HUGE success by letting your inner talents SHINE.

Cost for this 14 video series is $45, which means we have purposely
priced this for EVERYONE, not just those who have already achieved




Get Your Twitter On FREE Webinar

So, you have dipped your toe in twitter, but aren’t really seeing any return?  Or maybe the “twitter world” is just confusing to you, and what exactly is a #hashtag? 


Twitter is EASY, it is just something new

140 characters, how hard can that be?!

Join us for a FREE webinar on the basics of twitter, along with some super fun tips and tricks.

And if I look you up on twitter and you haven’t send out a tweet in the last 2 days, trust me, you need this webinar!


Listen to the Twitter Webinar!!!