As a successful award-winning demonstrator in Direct Sales, I know how much there is to do on a daily basis to run a solid business. It can be extremely overwhelming.

I’ve created these focused E-Books to help you navigate the blogging and social media aspect of your business
in the shortest time possible, reap the rewards, and get back to what you do best:  share your awesome products,
recruit new people, and provide strong training.



Our Top 36 Social Media and Direct Sales Tips

We’ve compiled over 40 pages of our top Social Media and Direct Sales tips in a clear and concise E-Book that will show you the correct, smart and savvy way to grow your business.  A must-have for any online direct seller.

Only $6.95




Direct Sales and Fundraising:  A Successful Pair

The #1 secret to building a HUGE customer base is to combine fundraising with your direct sales business.  This E-Book provides you with all the how-tos that you’ll need to grow your business while building your community.  Make a difference!

Only $15




Make Your Blog Stand Out in the Crowd

Everyone is on the internet now because you have to be to have a successful business.  So how do you make YOUR business stand out in the crowd?  We’ve created a 38 page E-Book full of tips, ideas and how-tos to make sure your blog stands out and helps your reach your business goals.  Included are ideas for posts that will draw in readers and engage them, an explanation of Google Search and SEO and how to OWN them, creating a community on your blog, how to make sure your blog is making money for you, and SO MUCH MORE!  If you’re online or plan to get online, don’t get lost in the crowd.  You must read this book!

Only $24.95




Marketing Your Direct Sales Business on Pinterest

Direct Sales and Pinterest are a match made in heaven!  Did you know that Pinterest ranks about Linked-In and Google in the Social Network List, the user base is over 80% women and over 50% are between the ages of 29-44?  Does this sound like your target audience?  Make the most of this user-friendly, free and fast growing social media tool!

Only $15

Ink Big 30-Day Business Booster

Where is your business?  Do you see where being more productive and less busy would general a better and more profitable direct sales business?  More importantly, do you see where being more productive, accomplishing things that make a diference in your life and the lives of your customers and downline would give you a greater sense of purpose?

Systems are the key to success because they take all the guesswork out of your daily business to-do lists.  In my InkBig 30 day Business Booster, I share all of my systems that created a hugely successful direct sales business, and it doesn’t take 8 hours a day when you organize your time, energy, supplies and to-do list.

Only $15




Pimp my Blog 40 Page Mini Course

We have developed an awesome training to give you step-by-step direction on creating content on your blog that will create inthusiatic blog readers, convert these readers to newsletter subscribers, have your newsletter subscibers do the advertising to grow your subscriber list, and generate daily dependable sales from your newsletter.  It all boils down to how you blog, what you blog about, the purpose of your newsletter, and most importantly, the results of your blog and newsletter.  If you are blogging and not generating sales, you are missing key components.

There truly is a formula and once you learn it, you can repeat it over and over to create significant and steady sales from your blog.

Only $15