Did you know that your direct sales company has a retirement plan?


It is called your downline!


Almost every direct sales business that I have worked with has a set method of paying leaders for the accomplishments of their downline.

As long as you do a, b, and c each month you will receive that check from the company for sales, promotions, etc of your downline


Now, while you are growing your business, most of your income will come from directly what you accomplish. You really run the show and determine how much you make each month based on your sales.


As your downline begins to grow, MORE if not most of your income comes from that downline override check (different companies call it different things, but you get the idea)


That downline commission will never go away as long as you meet the criteria to earn it.

Which means your downline is your retirement plan in Direct Sales


Let's say you are relatively new and selling $3000 each month. Your compensation plan might pay you 30%, so you receive a check for $900.

10 years in, you have a downline of 450 people and your commission check might be $2500 and you only have to sell $750 to get that.

You with me?


As your downline continues to grow and produce, more of your income comes from them.

Your personal business becomes secondary in terms of generating income.


During this same time you continue to grow a loyal customer base, with a portion of that on line.

So let's go out another 10 years, when your downline is 900 people.


You are generating an income of $5000 a month, with a minimal amount of personal sales.


You never have to stop selling, training, supporting your team.

You have the opportunity to develop leaders who can be training their own teams

You reach the point where a minimal sales effort producers a big return

And if you have an on line presence you CAN WORK FROM ANYWHERE!

That's right, 

you can take vacations

be the Grandma/Grampa

spend time doing what you want, where you want with a minimal time and energy investment


This is why it is so important to BUILD your business consistently and not give up when things get tough.

Your downline is your retirement plan, but only if you work it regularly and consistently over the course of years


If you are ready to really take advantage of the Direct Sales model join us for our Profitable and Joyful Leadership training.

And remember, don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle

Wherever you are today, we can make you and your business even better!


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