Years ago Stampin'Up! introduced the book "Who Moved My Cheese?" to a Leadership Conference.


The big take away from this book is:

"In business, particularly sales, the environment is always changing. If one is unable to adapt, they are almost certain to fail"


So my question to you is:

Are you adapting?


And let's be clear, I didn't ask you if your direct sales company was changing 🙂


I always like to think of the home office as a huge ship.

It takes a lot of work and man power to change course of a ship that big.


We are more like a kayak.

It only takes a couple strokes to change our course significantly.


so let's not wait for the home office to catch up.

Sure, we need to follow compliance, but there is a lot of room left for us to be more responsive, more relevant, farther reaching in our personal businesses.


I love this from the book:

1) Change happens

2) Anticipate change

3) Monitor change

4) Adapt to change quickly

5) Change

6) Enjoy the change

7) Be ready to change quickly and enjoy it again


Just because you have done something in the past is one of the worst reasons to carry it in to the future.

Be aware, Be open, Be flexible


and don't wait for the home office to change their course.

Own your own journey

Embrace your own growth


Be Inspired * Be Inspiring



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