I love this quotation:


it makes sense right?

But you are probably thinking, "What does this have to do with my downline?"

We need to lead and train our downline with the vision of what the future will bring and not the quick return of THIS year.

When we throw out BIG incentives for our downline to accomplish what WE need this year it is the equivalent of growing rice. It might serve an immediate need, but the long term success is not guaranteed. 

As a true leader we are not looking just for

what we need

this year


A true leader has vision

A true leader is commited to the success of their followers

A true leader sacrifices their own wants, needs, desires for the success of their group

A true leader is committed to the success of those who follow them


A true leader does not manipulate their followers for their own success click to tweet

A true leader is committed to growing (wo)men, not rice


Now that may not be what you have been taught, told or trained on

You may be running a business that is more focused on rice than people.


And that is okay

But I bet, you want more

for your team

for your self

for your company


so join us for our Joyful and Profitable Leadership training, because we can do better 


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