A lot of my clients are becoming frustrated with all the new things coming from home office.

Lots of new products

Lots of new promotions

all good stuff, right?


But we aren't use to it


How do we process it all?

How do we get the info out to our customers without it being "too much"?


As with everything in business, the key is to develop a system, a "way of doing business" to handle all the new information.


1) Decide where you are going to house all the new stuff

you can create a category on your blog for "whats new", so folks can easily check in to see what is going on

2) Share the info

Let your downline and customers know that there are a lot of new things coming out and this is where they can find the info. Or they can subscribe to your blog and get daily updates

3) Newsletter

A weekly newsletter can help to corral al the info into one spot. Again, let your customers and downline know that if they like that option be sure to be signed up for your newsletter

4) Social Media

it can be tempting to just forward out the links to your business facebook page, but that is when your customers can get the feeling it is too much. 

The reason is that if you forward the special, promotion, or incentive without a clear explanation of why this is important to them or why it is a good fit for them it can come across very "spammy". 

Create a blog post, share the special, and let your customers know why you think this is a great thing for them.


Create a system

A way of "doing business"

You won't be overwhelmed

Your customers will appreciate the thoughtfulness


Be Inspired * Be Inspiring



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