This week for our Stampin'Up! Demonstrators is the last week of SaleABration and a Booking Challenge.

which COULD make it a really busy, productive, and successful week .


Notice I said COULD

When we get a week in our Direct Sales business that offers all sorts of opportunities to do BIG things, it is so easy to get excited and set big goals for ourselves and our teams.


But if we want to come out of this week truly in a great spot we need to be very clear as to what we focus on.

Focusing on the END RESULT can seem to be exciting and momentum building, but it really misses the mark in terms of producing of Great Payoff.

No matter how rock star we or our teams perform, we cannot control the outcome.

We can control calling 10 people

We can control sending out an email

We can control providing great wording for our downline to use

We can control the reward or incentive we offer customers and downline


but we can't control the outcome of these behaviors.

So rather than focusing on having 9 events booked per person, or another $300 in SaleABration sales per demo, or a group goal of 35 events on the books, we will build a lot more excitement if we focus on what we can control.

We can control our behaviors

We can't control the outcome of our behaviors click to tweet


So let's do this:

"Send this email out to your customer base today and cc me on it.

Here are the 2 followup emails for Tuesday and Wednesday, cc me on those as well"


"Here is the phone script I recommend, call 10 people and share this opportunity with them"


"Write a blog post on this opportunity, then post it to your business fb page and pinterest"


"Create a new you tube video for each day of this week and post them to your YouTube channel"


When we focus on specific behaviors to be done each day, it breaks down the big goal that can seem overwhelming and really out of our control.

Both for ourselves and our team a to do list that says:

"Make 10 calls 

Write a blog post 

Shoot a video"


is way more effective than

"book 9 events"


Focus on what we can control

The outcome will take care of itself


Be Inspired * Be Inspiring



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