Passion and Focus

you really can't accomplish much in life, let alone direct sales, without these 2 walking hand in hand.


but let's get real clear on what kind of passion and focus create success


To build a successful business we need to be passionate about creating a great product or providing an awesome customer experience. 

Because if you make a ridiculously great product or service, the profits will eventually follow.

But when we are passionate about creating profits we can cut corners, skimp on details, and end up with bad business practices.

In direct sales this means focus on great events, great blogs, great customer followup and service. Think about "how can I best serve my downline and customers?"

Not, "how am I going to hit that bonus, title, trip requirement"


Focus doesn't mean being intent on what is currently in front of you. It means figuring out your priorities and filtering out other distractions. click to tweet

No one is great at sales, recruiting, training, events, blogging…..

Pick 2 or 3 things in your business and make them your priority.

Focus on excelling at those couple things.

Your business should be built on what you are great at, not what you think you should be great at



Passion for delivering excellence

Focus on priorities


You won't have to chase success, success will find you!


Be Inspired * Be Inspiring



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