As you know we have jumped into videos and are committed to growing and using video, YouTube and Vimeo as much as we can.



One of the things that had me dragging my feet is the whole getting dressed, doing my hair and makeup, …seriously.

but I have claimed it as part of the gig and am moving forward

Recently I met with a friend who is a videographer and asked him for a critique and some tips.

I thought I would share them with you as I know many of you are doing video as well.


Some of you only show your hands (which I think you are missing your opportunity to connect deeper with your audience) and there are some tips for that:

1) Be sure your hands are well moisturized

2) Nails should be short, and polish should be neutral

3) Rings and bracelets are fine as long as the don't jingle and make noise


For those of us going "full frontal", as my friend Julie Salva likes to call it, we need to pay attention to a couple other things:

1)  a profressional light will decrease wrinkles, lines, etc. You want to be lit slightly above you. You can get professional lighting for about $50

2) excellent foundation and HD powder will keep down the shine and make you look polished. Sephora carries great products, just tell them you are doing video and they will hook you up

3) Make an appointement to get your hair done in the morning and then plan to shoot videos all day. You can even write that off 🙂 And make sure you go out on the town that night to get double use 🙂

4) false eyelashes cost a couple bucks but can make you look bright eyed. And you won't feel the need to have heavy makeup for the camera which will keep you looking fresher

5) no heavy lipstick, it can look really aging on camera


You don't have to look like a movie star, but no one gets excited to see themselves on camera. Make it less painful by spending a couple minutes so you feel good.

Some of my friends who do video are sworn to the "I'm just going to be me" thinking, which I think is totally fine for in house trainings: quick shares to our downline. We don't necessarily have to be in rockstar mode all the time.

But I think of videos that we put out on YouTube as business cards. I wouldn't hand out out a rumpled dirty business card. So let's not confuse "being real" with "being lazy"


Because when you feel good you will perform with confidence! 

And confidence sells.


smile, have fun, and just do it!!


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