One of the concerns I hear from a lot of consultants I work with is that they don't have the time to blog. They are so consumed with the traditional business that they just don't see how to make it all work.


I usually don't have to work too hard at convincing them they NEED to start. They know.

And the fact that 80% of sales for direct sales companies will come on line in the next 5 years, you know you ned to get on board!

the key to being successful in anything is just to start.

And the best way to start blogging is to take your traditional business and share it online.


We don't need to create all new material for our blog.

By sharing what we are currently doing with our customers it allows us to develop our brand, build our home base and define our niche.


Because here is the truth, when we first start blogging we will have VERY few followers. 

So we don't need to get hung up on having it perfect.

As we build our following, are our online sales, we will be able to invest more time in the blog as it will be revenue generating


So start where you are


Share the projects and cards you are already creating

Develop a body of work that people can look at and think, "hey, that is some good stuff!"


Our Build a Blog from Scratch program is great for those of you who ar BRAND NEW to blogging.

If you have a blog but aren't generating income, Our Generate $1000 a Month from your Blog can get you pointed in the right direction!

Either way, know we are here for you, to support you, to make sure you START!


Be Inspired * Be Inspiring



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