Real financial success in Direct Sales comes thru building a downline. Period.


Once we know that, often our next thought is how do I build a downline that is successful?

for many, what they are really asking is:

How do I build a downline that generates ME money?


So we focus on titles and incentives and trips

In a sense, we buy our way to success.


Now I am not saying all incentives are bad.

but I will say I think we can focus less on incentives and more on creating a culture of happiness and get better, long term, long lasting results


Because here is the deal with happiness:

Happiness Creates Success

Success doesn't create Happiness


so how do we create a happy downline?


Follow these 6 steps to a Happy Downline

1) Start at Home

and by home, I mean you!! Are you happy to have this job? Are you happy to interact with your downline? 

if you are complaining about the home office, your customers, your downline, you are creating a breeding ground for everyone else to focus on the "unhappiness"

Today I choose Happiness…this is the mantra that works

2) Acknowledge and Appreciate

People, particularly women, often feel unappreciated in their jobs and home life. Look for ways to acknowledge effort, appreciate positive energy….what we focus on grows, so focus on the good. 

and remember that appreciation doesn't have a price tag. Be sincere, be generous, be heartfelt

3) Have Fun

Fun doesn't necessarily equal happiness, but it is hard to be grumpy when you are smiling. Have fun together, it doesn't have to be all business all the time. Games, contests, etc can all create that happy bubble

4) Create a Community

Communities are built by time invested. There are no short cuts. That means you have to show up, either in person or on line. Be present, be engaged. Make comments, introductions, share. We want our downline connected not just to us, but to each other!

5) Communicate

There are few feelings as uncomfortable as feeling "out of the loop". Focus on creating systems for communication so that your downline know how and when information is shared. We want them to feel "a part of it"

6) Confidence

One of the most important aspects of leading is having vision. And when you are confident in your vision, in where you are leading your downline, your downline will have a level of comfort. People are happy when they are comfortable. Being unsettled makes us uneasy


If you lead the happiness charge, others will follow.

Not all

But remember that we see what we look for in the world.

If we look for the positives we will see the positives

We can see and share our optimism where others see adversity.


today I choose happiness, how about you?


Be Inspired * Be Inspiring



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